Konstantina Evelthontos

Child Psychologist, School Psychologist

About Konstantina Evelthontos

Child Psychologist, School Psychologist
Konstantina Evelthontos is a Psychology graduate at the University of Reading in the UK, where she has also completed her Master’s degree on Developmental Psychopathology, the scientific study of human development from infancy to old age. She also has a Master’s degree in School Psychology from the University of Cyprus which included various school placements as part of the three year course.

Konstantina is trained in various school age assessment tests including the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC). She coordinates individual and group sessions for children, teens, parents and teachers dealing with learning difficulties, emotional and behavioral problems, classroom management and psycho-education in effective parental practices. She currently works as an associate at the Personal Development and Self- Awareness Center GIA TIN ITHAKI.