Our Centre

The Personal Development and Self-Awareness Centre, GIA TIN ITHAKI, is a warm and welcoming place in the heart of Limassol, situated close to the Agios Nikolaos roundabout and next to the Limassol courthouse. The interior design of our Centre is inspired by the famous poem “Ithaca” by C. Kavafis since psychotherapy, which is a journey towards self-awareness, is paralleled to Odysseus’ own journey to return from Troy to his homeland Ithaca.

Our reception and waiting area symbolizes the return trip of Odysseas, the sea, his ship and the favourable winds he encounters. On the wall of our waiting room, a handmade work of art by the director of our centre Mrs. Anthia C. Theofilou depicts Odysseus’ ship, with Kavafis poem “Ithaca” written on its sails in handwritten form representing the poet’s handwritten original. In the waiting room, our guests have the opportunity to relax with soft music and the sweet smells of aromatic candles or watch excerpts from our informative lectures on various psychology and self-awareness topics. The area is configured to accommodate our self-awareness groups, workshops and seminars that we periodically organize.

In our centre there are also three session rooms. The “Sirens” room symbolizes the overcoming of obstacles during the journey to self-awareness, by taking its name from the well-known Sirens who failed to stop Odysseus during his return trip to his homeland Ithaca. The “Athena” room was named after the goddess of wisdom, the patron of Odysseus, who did her best to help him return home. Finally, the “Calypso” room refers to the fairy that kept Odysseus on her island, Ogygia, and is a small paradise for our young visitors. “Sirens” and “Athena” rooms are used for individual sessions, couple therapy sessions and family sessions, and “Calypso” for child psychotherapy and play therapy sessions.