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SHAPE-UP program for overweight people | Για Την Ιθάκη

An innovative lifestyle program that promises to help you manage your weight, improve your eating habits, enhance your health, and thus achieve better quality of life.

The SHAPE-UP program has been designed by experts in the UK and it is not another diet program. It’s not a type of diet nor a strict approach purely for weight loss. This program is unique because it brings together specialist knowledge from various fields of specialty, including psychology, nutrition, physical education and health. The program is basically a psychological weight management approach since it helps you – through the science of psychology mainly – to make the necessary changes in order to get rid of unnecessary weight.

The SHAPE-UP program is ideal for people who:

  • want to lose weight or
  • don’t want to gain any extra weight

Through seven different sections, SHAPE-UP aims to help you:

  • to prevent further weight gain
  • to achieve realistic weight loss
  • to achieve normal eating behaviours and habits
  • to balance your relationship with food and eating choices
  • to reduce the tendency to overeat
  • to become more physically active
  • to improve your body image
  • to reduce stress and adopt a more positive attitude towards life

SHAPE-UP is not a program you will start and then finish in a few months, as with most weight loss programs. SHAPE-UP helps you acquire the skills and knowledge you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout your life.

The program’s group sessions cost less than the individual sessions. Group sessions are usually conducted in small groups of 6 to 8 people.

Please contact us for further details.