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Lectures & Workshops | Για Την Ιθάκη

Lectures & Workshops

The Personal Development and Self-Awareness Centre, GIA TIN ITHAKI (To Ithaca), also offers seminars, lectures and workshops. Training seminars and workshops either take place at the centre or at an external location, when it comes to working with kindergartens, schools, associations, organizations, companies etc.

Some of the topics of our lectures, seminars and workshops:

Topics addressed to parents, schools & kindergartens:

  • Effective discipline and establishing boundaries for children
  • Anger and aggression: Causes and ways to deal with it
  • Respect for childrens’ personal boundaries
  • Ten major parental mistakes
  • The insecurities of pre-school children
  • Attachments of preschool children and toilet training
  • Difficult behaviours of pre-school age and how to deal with them
  • Cultivating healthy self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Positive Self-image and Body Image
  • Eating Disorders in Adolescence and their Treatment
  • Childhood obesity, causes and treatment
  • Bullying at school

Self-awareness & communication or psychological strengthening:

  • Stress management and relaxation training
  • Eudemonia: Paths to Well-being
  • Mindfulness Practices
  • Companionship and the differences between the two sexes
  • The mental health of a woman
  • Effective family communication
  • Regression to childhood: an encounter with the inner child
  • Experiential exercises and role playing with the fairy tale heroes
  • Group discussions (on a different subject each time)
  • Emotional management
  • Eating Disorders: Causes and Treatment
  • Weight loss preparation

If you are interested in attending a lecture, seminar or workshop organized by our centre, you may check for updates on our website, send us an email in order to receive updates or contact us directly (preferably by phone). If you wish for our cooperation for an event or presentation in your own space, please contact us directly.