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Career Guidance | Για Την Ιθάκη

“Become what you deserve”

Career guidance programs are targeted for:

  • Students, prospective students and new graduates (aged 14 to 23):

For this age group, Career Guidance is a personal experience of discovering the special attributes of each person, who in our modern, fascinating and complex world seeks the educational and professional course, which will lead him to success and satisfaction.

  • Adults, over 23 years of age, wanting to change their professional direction:

The Career Guidance program for this age group aims to help participants make use of their existing knowledge, skills and personality to find alternative options for a more desirable and satisfying career path.

The Personal Development and Self-Awareness Centre, GIA TIN ITHAKI, within the context of its career guidance services offers programs that run around three axes:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Counselling
  • Information

Using the most up-to-date scientific approach, we aim to identify the professional directions that suit each particular person. The counsellor utilises this knowledge and offers support, so that the individual can properly focus his efforts and leverage on her or his potential for a successful professional placement.

Our programs include interviews and accurate and reliable psychometric tools (e.g., tests, questionnaires) to explore four key elements in the relationship between a person and his profession:

  • Personality: What suits her / him to do?
  • Interests: What does she / he like to do?
  • Skills & Abilities: What tasks can she / he perform easily and effectively?
  • Values: What is important for her / him to get from his job?

The basic program is completed within 3-4 meetings and the results are delivered within a short period of time in a detailed report which the counsellor discusses with the client in the final meeting.